Dry End loss Reduction

Cost effective strategies to reduce dry end losses.

Stop on Defect

Stop precisely and repeatably for actionable defects allowing operator to patch or remove paper defects. With or without camera assist.

Roll Quality Improvement

Capture key winding parameters and provide visibility on roll structure.

Electronic Log Sheets

Web based system to capture production and lost time events. Operators can enter cause reasons and events that exceed default time allocations.

Why Choose LSZ

LSZ systems are highly modular,  very cost effective and have a proven track record.  With over 80+ person years of experience in paper making, reel and winding diagnosis and vibration analysis, LSZ is positioned to deliver technically innovative solutions with outstanding performance.

We know our clients have varying requirements and engineer our products to be customizable AND economically feasible.


Technical Details

  • Database is open and well documented:  All data is available for clients to create customized reports.
  • Liberal licensing:  A site-wide perpetual license allows deployment of as many client displays as desired.
  • Modular software:  Additional features can be added after initial installation.
  • Easy deployment:  Client display software has a very low installation footprint and can even be run from a USB stick.
  • Modest hardware requirements:  Software can be run on generic Windows 7 - 10 boxes.
  • Reports: All reports are SQL Server Reporting Services based and can be customized to suit individual clients.


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