Dry-end Loss Reduction System

The LSZ Dry End Loss Reduction system is a highly configurable platform with optional add-on modules to customize and enhance functionality.

With the basic system, operators to enter any combination of diameter and length based sets to start a precise countdown to turn-up clock.  Exact compensation for off-grade paper is built in, with no sacrifice to the turn-up clock accuracy.  The system maintains accuracy with all grades of paper regardless of sheet caliper, grade or other properties. 

Add-on modules provide tracking for all reel-roll losses.  Clear visual feedback of loss trends gives operators immediate feedback on their efforts to reduce loss. 

LSZ systems have been designed from the ground up to offer flexible integration with existing mill systems from a simple Reel ID exchange to importing wrapline cull information.

Measurably reduce dry end losses with LSZ's proven and cost effective solution.  Typical payback on your investment is only 3 months.



Features & Benefits

Reel Size OptimizationLoss reduction by precise calculation of required reel size. Seamlessly accounts for each grade's winding compression as well as off-spec, make-up and test paper losses.
Turn-up Countdown ClockLeft-on-spool loss reduction by precise countdown to required reel size. Operator can perform other tasks until prompted by turn-up countdown alarms. Large display of turn-up countdown clock helps coordinate operator actions.
Wound-in Caliper ProfilesContinuous monitoring of reel or roll structure for quality assurance. Reduces crepe wrinkles from reeling and shipping deformation of rolls.
Set and Reel Make-upPrecise make-ups can be easily added to compensate for partial reels or sets.
Length and Diameter based setsAny mix of length or diameter targeted sets can be added to the planned pattern for the current reel.
Accurate compensation for off-grade paperSets are floated above operator defined off-spec paper.

Accurate target reel sizes are maintained, eliminating guesswork and minimizing slab loss.
System alarmsImmediate indication of faulty sensors and oversized reels.

Site specific corrective action with graphics enables E&I personnel to quickly rectify problems.


Add-on Modules

The LSZ Loss Reduction System is highly configured and can be customized to suite individual need.

Add-on ModuleFeaturesBenefits
Reel-Roll Loss TrackingReels are tracked automatically using RFID tags or manually using bar code labels and a hand scanner.

Current and history losses can be shown by date, crew, grade or machine.

Live slab loss trends are displayed to the operator.

Loss reports can be printed on demand or automatically e-mailed by schedule.

Current inventory levels are shown.
All reel to roll losses are recorded.

Operators receive live feedback on their loss reduction efforts.

Previous shift performance is available for morning meetings.
External countdown displayReel mounted LCD or LED countdown clock displays.

Can be optionally combined with flashing warning lights or horns.
Provides a highly visible indication of the time remaining until turnup to operators outside of the dry end control booth.
Run ListRuns of sets can be entered. System maintains an accurate count of sets built/required.Reduce the possibility of over or under building sets.
Reel Usage OptimizationAdvanced tools to allow winder operator to virtually splice small reels.Optimize set splicing locations make the best use of partial and orphaned reels.
Time TrackingAll time losses at the reel and (optionally) downstream processes can be recorded and reported.

Times are automatically assigned a basic cause code. Times exceeding predefined time allocations require an operator reason code to be entered.
Time losses can be tracked by shift, mill day month to date or a user-defined time period.
Automated turn-upLSZ hardware can signal to external systems the precise moment of turn-up.Improves turn-up accuracy by coupling LSZ's accurate turn-up clock to your automated turn-up sequencer.
Remote count down clocksTime remaining on the current reel/run and grade can be viewed from anywhere in the mill.Provides an accurate advance notice of grade changes for stock prep operators.


More Information

Contact LSZ to enquire how we can help you achieve a sustainable improvement in your dry end production.



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